Friday, December 20, 2013

Change Your Inner Dialogue

Your inner dialogue powerfully programs and shapes your self-image. If you believe you are not worthy and weak, you will live up to that truth. Take time this month to become more aware of how you are talking to yourself. An exercise that you can practice this month is to pretend you’re taking a seat on the sideline and watch the thoughts streaming into your consciousness (the part where you can hear them). Be like one of those train spotters who sit at the end of the platform and just take notes about the train number, name, and time of departure.

You take note of the thought. Is it positive or negative? How frequently does it reappear? Does it make you feel good or feel bad? Is it an empowering “can-do” thought or a disabling “can’t do” thought? Just dispassionately observe what is going on in your mind. If you find habits and patterns that are not what you prefer, then use the power of visualization to see who you want to be and affirm daily who you are becoming with positive inner dialogue.

This will start the process of freeing you of some of your negative internal dialogue. Your self-worth and self-esteem are keys to making the changes long-term. Start building the foundation with positive self-talk that allows you to start changing your inner dialogue. Along with these changes you will have a greater tendency to nourish your body with healthier foods, proper rest and exercise.

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