Thursday, April 9, 2015

Michelle Broke Free from Anxiety!

My name is Michelle Fischer and I live in Lewiston, ID. I am a student at the University of Idaho. Spring Break 2013 was the first vacation I went on with my parents since 2000. We went to the place where dreams come true, Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was definitely a dream come true, but 3 days into the vacation I got a severe allergic reaction. We had to leave Florida immediately and go back home. The allergic reaction continued for about two more weeks and we never figured out what exactly triggered it.
When I started college 4 months later, I was excited once again for another adventure. However, a few weeks into school I realized just how big of a change college was. I began to have immense amounts of anxiety of the unknown. My stress caused me to believe I would get hives again from some unknown substance in this new environment. I became very paranoid about my surroundings and had outrageous anxiety every time I would eat a meal or use a new product. I wasn't able to hang out with friends or focus on school without being stressed out about one thing or another. I definitely had lower self-esteem because of it and it was harder to connect with people. I had a lot of internal thoughts going on. I wasn't very confident with myself. I was in a really weird place. This also affected my relationships because there would be times when my friends would go out and want to do something and I would not feel like it. 
My anxiety progressed from not only worrying about having an allergic reaction again, but now also worrying about having any illness at all. I made many appointments to the doctor and student health just to make sure everything was all right. However, when I got an EGD my doctor noticed that I started to form ulcers most likely from all my stress and anxiety. Not only was my stress and anxiety isolating me from my friends, family, and daily activities, but now it was also starting to take a toll on my body. I realized then that stress and anxiety had been consuming my life and I needed a change.
I first heard about Positive Changes Hypnosis on TV. I thought that it was an interesting approach to dealing with weight loss because just like anything else, weight loss is a life change that you need to be committed to within and the hypnosis gives you the inner boost to accomplish what you truly want to achieve. I researched Positive Changes Hypnosis further by checking out their website. I became ecstatic when I noticed they had a Breakthrough Program that specifically targeted stress and anxiety. I knew this was exactly what I needed.
I have tried to make changes in the past by just trying to not be stressed out. I also went to counseling and would talk about my problems, which helped but you need to do something within yourself to really help deal with it. The hypnosis was more powerful in that type of way, it was more personal. It was something that I could help myself with.
I started to see results immediately after starting the program. Just from the very first session, you feel so much more relaxed, happy, angelic, and at peace. It truly is an indescribable feeling and words do not do it the amount of justice it deserves. The more and more I listened to the hypnosis sessions on my own, not only the more stress-free I became, but also the more motivated I started to become. I was excited to accomplish something new every morning I woke up and I was at peace that I accomplished what I needed to when I fell to sleep quickly at night.
My success has been many things. I now know how to deal with my stress and anxiety. I'm not stressed or have anxiety like I used to. It has helped my relationships and it has helped my self-esteem. I'm more apt to go out and do more things without worrying about the consequences or the unknowns.
Positive Changes Hypnosis gave me my life back. It took out all the negativity in my brain and made room for only new and exciting opportunities. It made me crave success within my classes and has driven me to stay focused with my future career in Advertising and Graphic Design. My brain is so much more stress-free now that I have so much more room for creativity to flow through it.
Do you ever find yourself stressing on your homework, your peers, or even the way you look on a daily basis? For example, I would get so frustrated and stressed out doing homework that I would give up and go do something else not productive such as watching TV. There are things you can do to change that, you just have to be willing to make a change. If you find yourself stressing on a daily basis, no matter what it may be, I would suggest giving hypnosis a try.
Positive Changes Hypnosis is such a unique and effective way of making a change in your life. Hypnosis isn't just a thing you do for fun at a fair, it's actually an effective tool for behavior modification and lifestyle change. Drugs can sometimes attempt to do the same thing but it's not a healthy, natural process. Hypnosis has been said to even work better than drugs because hypnosis actually trains your brain rather than medicine, which just modifies your body unwillingly for a short period of time. Hypnosis is all about choice. Maybe it's time for you to make the choice to make a change in your life.
I believe these results will be permanent because I have never had a tool like this that I feel will last me for the rest of my life. These are tools and methods that you can use forever. Once you have used hypnosis, it's something that you can go back on if you ever feel you need reassurance. Once you have done it and understand it, it's something that will last a lifetime. I think it's a great thing to start when you are young because it gives you a better way to deal with things.
The most important benefit that I've received is that this is something that I can use forever. It will continue to help me grow. I'm glad I started this at this age and I can continue to use this for the rest of my life. The all-around benefits are endless like the confidence I have now and the tools I have for when I get stressed and how to deal with it. It's just been great.
I would recommend Positive Changes Hypnosis to anyone. I have actually been trying to get some of my family members to do it. I think everyone should try it.
This is something that you can have forever so really it is priceless for what you are getting out of it.
* 75% of Positive Changes breakthrough clients are successful in reaching their goals.
Results from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.


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