Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Does It Feel to be Hypnotized

Most people move in and out of light trance states all day long. They daydream, remember, imagine, dwell on the past, dream of the future, replay conversations, carry on internal dialogue and more. Is it any surprise that most people come out of a controlled hypnosis process declaring they didn't "feel hypnotized"? They don't "feel" it, because it is a natural and familiar state.
Most people remain consciously aware of their surroundings while in hypnosis. Many will experience one or more of the following sensations. We make sure to inform our clients that any of these sensations are possible so they do not get caught off guard. The first time my wife was hypnotized, she was so alarmed by a sense of energy moving through her body, it shocked her right out of the trance. If you happen to feel one of these sensations, know that it is normal and a good sign that hypnosis is, in fact, taking place.

Sensations that are Associated with Hypnosis:

1. Tingling in fingertips, toes or limbs
2. A sense of lightness
3. A floating sensation
4. A sense of heaviness
5. A feeling of sinking into the chair
6. A sense of energy moving throughout the body
7. Rapid eyelid fluttering
8. An increase or decrease in salivation
9. A feeling of no-feeling (as if one's body has melted away

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