Monday, November 30, 2009

Boosting Your Success: Enzymes-The Missing Link to Vibrant Health

You've heard the popular expression, "You are what you eat." The expression should really be, "You are what you digest." Did you know, that the food you eat can't be digested without enzymes?

Researchers have found that one of the primary keys to weight loss may simply be the action of enzymes. Dr. David Galton at Tufts University School of Medicine tested people weighing 230-240 pounds and found that all of them were lacking lipase enzymes in their fatty tissues. Lipase is an enzyme that breaks down and dissolves fat throughout your body. Without lipase, fat will accumulate and you'll see it on your hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach.

Nearly 80% of the calories consumed by Americans come from processed foods. Cooking destroys all enzymes, so bottled, canned, pasteurized, baked, roasted, stewed or fried foods have no enzymes. However, enzymes, like lipase, are found in raw, whole, unprocessed foods and are especially abundant in fresh vegetables and fruits. If you want to achieve lasting control of your weight, you can start now by eating plenty of live, fresh foods. Supplemental enzymes can also be an option for those times when your travel schedule or lifestyle doesn't allow you the choice of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Super Potency Enzymes & Herbs is a 100% vegetarian supplement to help maximize the digestion of all food groups. The unique addition of CereCalaseTM, a patent-pending enzyme blend, and Xylanase enhances the release of nutrients. If you're concerned about getting enough enzymes in your diet, this supplement is the perfect way to discover the missing like to your good health.

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